Terms Of Service

I understand that Scally Wags dog grooming may sometimes use pictures of my dogs on their website or for social media platforms. If I don’t want my dog’s pictures used, I have informed scally wags dog grooming of my requirements which has been logged.

I confirm that my animal is fit and healthy, other than those issues detailed on the grooming card and is fully vaccinated. I also acknowledge that I will not hold Scally Wags Dog Grooming responsible for any irritation, abrasion or fur patches exposed owing to a pre-existing skin or health condition, or as a result of the process of grooming, de-matting, thinning, stripping or shaving.

I understand that in agreement with the Animal Welfare Act (2006), my dog will not be subjected to extensive de-matting procedures in order to attempt to keep the coat long. I have read and signed the Matted Dogs Release form and acknowledge that my dog may need to be clipped short should they be found to have severe matts.

Scally Wags Dog Grooming is a mobile service and as such may be affected by issues such as traffic conditions, mechanical problems or delays from previous appointment dogs due to condition or behaviour. I appreciate that Scally Wags Dog Grooming will make their best endeavours to attend for my appointment on time but that in some situations it may have to be cancelled or delayed. I understand that Scally Wags grooming van needs to have safe parking available at my house the length of at least 2 cars, and also needs to be able to plug the electric hook up into a safe electrical socket on my premises. I agree to pay 50% of my grooming fee if Scally Wags arrives for my appointment and cannot park safely or access electric hook up.

If my animal’s behaviour is found to be aggressive, a muzzle may be used, or at the discretion of the groomer. However, should continuation of the groom be impossible due to behaviour, or the animal is overly stressed by the procedure, the groom will be stopped. In this event, I acknowledge I will pay for work carried out up to this point and I will pay the full cost of all damages and expense my dog may cause.

I understand that Scally Wags Dog Grooming will not groom my pet if they are found to have fleas or external parasites and state that my dog is free from these during the initial assessment. Should my dog be found to be infested at the time of groom, I agree to pay the full cost of groom and extra flea treatments and extra fumigating of the van. If any ticks are found during the groom, Scally Wags will contact me and give me the option for them to remove them at an extra cost.

Should my dog’s health prove a cause for concern, and I am not contactable, I authorise Scally Wags Dog Grooming to contact my Veterinary Surgeon and obtain treatment at my expense. I understand that Scally Wags dog grooming will take as much care as they can of my dog, but we do work with sharp tools and unfortunately, I understand accidents can occasionally happen, and won’t hold Scally Wags Dog grooming responsible, and I will pay for any vet’s fees incurred.

I understand that estimates are based on an average dog of the same or similar breed type and that some dogs may require extra or extensive work which may be charged at additional cost. I agree to pay for all grooming services immediately after completion of my dog’s groom. I understand that all efforts will be made by Scally Wags dog grooming to follow my requests, but it may not always be possible to achieve my desired look or may have to trim my dog short if matted. Scally Wags always puts the welfare and safety of you dog before grooming requirements.

Should I have multiple dogs booked in with Scally Wags Dog Grooming, I understand that each dog has an individual appointment and agree to inform Scally Wags Dog Grooming within the timescales below if 1 of more of these dogs do not need to be groomed. Failure to do so will result in the full scheduled grooming costs being charged.

A cancellation fee of the full grooming cost will be charged should I fail to inform Scally Wags Dog Grooming within 24 hours that I am unable to make the appointment. If I have 3 or more dogs booked in, a minimum notice of 48 hours applies. Should I fail to keep to my agreed appointment time, Scally Wags Dog Grooming will wait for a maximum of 15 minutes after which time it will be too late to fit in your dog’s groom without affecting other clients. In this event, I understand that my appointment may have to be rebooked and the full scheduled grooming cost will be charged. By signing below, I acknowledge that I have read, understood and accepted the above terms and conditions.

I understand that the grooming process can take several hours, and that my dog will have had the chance to relieve themselves and a suitable amount of exercise prior to grooming.