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Wether your dog needs a head to tail full groom, a bath and brush up or just a nail trim, i will be happy to provide you with a competitively priced quality service.

Head to Tail Full Groom
This is my complete grooming service which includes a mini healthcheck, full bath with professional shampoo and conditioner, full brush out to remove any knots, matts or tangles, styling/coat trimming to your desired standard, nail trimming and a spritz of canine cologne.
Traditional hand stripping method, does not include bathing.  Please note: do not bath your dog before a hand strip as this can make the strip difficult.  It is advisable to leave the dogs coat for approximately 2 weeks before bathing to allow the dogs skin to calm following the hand strip.  This service includes nail trimming and ear cleaning/plucking as required.
Bath, brush and tidy
This service is a maintenance service used by many inbetween full grooms in order to keep the dogs coat clean, healthy and tangle free and minimal amount of tidying to the face and paws plus nail trim as required
Puppy Pamper
Your puppy will benefit from early trips to the groomers, this service will be tailored to the puppys needs, to include a bath, nail trim (if needed) and a coat trim and style, (available for puppies up to 6 months old).
Nail Trimming/Pawdicure
Nails will be clipped, hair will be trimmed from between pads and if required a paw wax will be applied to their pads to provide protection and hydration.