Matted Coats

Posted on 2 May, 2016 at 17:00

Matted coats are uncomfortable for dogs.  It is important that you brush your dog on a daily basis ensuring you comb down to the skin removing any tangles that may be developing.  Imagine not brushing your own hair for the six-eight weeks between your own visit to the hair dresser and how untidy and tangled your own hair would be.  The same applies to your dog, regular brushing and combing of their coat keeps them looking tidy and also helps them to keep their coat tangle free.  Once tangles start to develop, if left unmanaged they quickly become knots and then matts, matts then seem to grow at a rate of knots and before you know it you have unsightly matts in the coat that are very difficult to remove.  You may find that your dog will not allow you to try and remove the knots and matts that develop, this is because it is uncomfortable and in some cases painful for them.  This is when most owners who do not visit the groomer regularly will then sucumb to having the dog groomed professionally.  If i could give one piece of advice it would be: brush/comb your dog thoroughly on a daily basis, as soon as you start to notice that tangles are beginning to develop and the coat is becoming harder to manage, you definately need the groomer to step in.  If the only time your dog visits the groomer is when they are tangled and matted then the dogs experience of visiting the groomer will never be a pleasant one and they may develop anxieties and fear around being groomed.  We, as groomers have no magic tool to remove matts from you pets coat and it becomes a painstaking task of trying to split the hair without pulling and hurting your dog, this means that the dog is on the table for longer and will result in you paying more for your groom.  So remember, regular grooming is the key to maintaining a healthy coat.

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